Demonstrate personal resilience and the use of effective and safe self-care strategies in managing all dimensions of wellness throughout life transitions, including following health and safety policies.

You can demonstrate your wellness through:

  • Recognizing that everyone faces challenges
  • Caring for your physical, emotional, mental, social, environmental and spiritual wellbeing, seeking help when needed
  • Being resilient and persistent when faced with biases, disappointments, setbacks and pressure from others, understanding that they are a normal part of life
  • Recognizing that managing life transitions includes challenges, new learning, and sometimes, culture shock
  • Following appropriate health and safety policies and procedures

Taylor has been struggling in college. Her dad left when she was 15 and then her mom died the following year. She stayed with her best friend’s family until graduating from high school, but Taylor moved out on her own when her friend went away to university. For the past year, Taylor has been working part-time and taking a few general studies courses at college. However, she is finding it hard to get focused and, if she’s honest, almost impossible to drag herself out of bed most days.

Taylor’s best friend is concerned about some of Taylor’s posts – they seem pretty dark. She tried texting but Taylor isn’t responding. She phoned her mom, Mrs. K., who also hasn’t heard from Taylor for a while. Concerned, they decide that her mom will stop by Taylor’s place.

Taylor is in rough shape. She hasn’t left home for the past couple of weeks, hasn’t bathed and hasn’t been eating much. There are several empty wine bottles in the living room and a half empty bottle of sleeping pills on the kitchen counter. When asked about them, Taylor says that she was working up the courage to take the rest of the pills.

Mrs. K. calls a counsellor she knows and drives Taylor in to see her that afternoon for an emergency intake session. Although Taylor doesn’t feel like she has the energy to go, she remembers that counselling had been helpful in the past. She trusts Mrs. K. and knows she wants the best for her.

Together with the counsellor, they identify a residential support program where Taylor will be safe and supported to work through her grief, build her circle of allies and focus on regaining her health.