Global citizenship: TESTIMONIAL

Actively participate in and contribute to local, regional, national and/or international initiatives.

You can demonstrate your global citizenship through:

  • Volunteering, participating in and contributing to community-building activities and projects, locally, regionally, nationally and/or internationally
  • Taking environmental and social responsibility to make your learning or work environments, community and the world better
  • Recognizing the political, environmental, economic and social realities of living in a global world
  • Engaging with diverse cultures, places, experiences and people to learn about the world
  • Using a global perspective to create opportunities and address challenges

Alex has almost completed a bachelor’s degree in International Development Studies (IDS); one of the highlights was a semester studying in Cuba and learning about the culture. Alex is now trying to decide between staying on at university to complete a master’s degree in IDS, spending a year working on a community development project in Africa, or joining a community development project closer to home in the Atlantic region. Especially interesting is the work being done supporting economic development and sustainability of outports in Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador.