Social support: TESTIMONIAL

Establish, maintain and call upon healthy supportive relationships as needed.

You can demonstrate your social support through:

  • Establishing, maintaining and nurturing a supportive network of healthy relationships
  • Seeking support from others (e.g., friends, family, Elders, teachers, role models, mentors, coaches)
  • Supporting others’ learning by being a positive and encouraging role model, mentor, coach or tutor
  • Identifying and seeking appropriate support to address harassment, bullying and mistreatment in all its forms
  • Taking appropriate steps to support others who are struggling with physical, emotional, mental, environmental, social and/or spiritual challenges

Dylan, a certified Automotive Service Technician, likes to give back to his community. He has coached youth soccer for the past 15 years, always has an apprentice working with him and participates in fundraising events with his recreational hockey team.

Five years ago, his youngest child was diagnosed with a developmental disability. Through parent support groups, Dylan has learned about the challenges that many young people face as they enter the workforce, as well as the benefits of a diverse workforce. He has become a vocal advocate for hiring individuals who have disabilities and, recently, his auto repair shop was recognized as “Employer of the Year” for their advocacy work and inclusive work experience opportunities.