Problem solving: TESTIMONIAL

Use a range of sources to gather, evaluate, organize and effectively use information to solve problems.

You can demonstrate your problem solving through:

  • Understanding that problems may be simple or complex
  • Determining the specific problem that you need to solve
  • Exploring and integrating various sources of information (e.g., people, online, your past experience) to identify possible solutions, taking into consideration multiple perspectives
  • Analyzing information to assess its credibility and accuracy
  • Examining the pros, cons, ethics and impact on others of potential solutions
  • Trying out solutions; reflecting on how they work and how your approach might be improved next time
  • Applying learning from one situation to other situations

As a social worker in a community struggling with homelessness, addictions and unemployment, Selena spends most of her days helping other people solve problems. However, this time the problem is personal and she’s feeling stuck. Selena’s dad is no longer able to live on his own. He has moved in with Selena and her partner as a short-term solution, but six months later, his presence in their home is causing daily tension and arguments.

Selena doesn’t want to damage the relationships with her partner or her dad. Recalling a time when she was a teenager and her mom’s sister lived with them for a while, Selena decides to ask her dad what that was like for him. He remembers that it had been very challenging – partly because of the extra expenses but also, to be honest, partly because he found it hard having her there even though he loved her. In telling the story, he recognizes the same pattern in their current situation and asks Selena to help him explore short-term housing options that would work for him until a room in one of his preferred residences becomes available.