Global citizenship: TESTIMONIAL

Actively participate in and contribute to local, regional, national and/or international initiatives.

You can demonstrate your global citizenship through:

  • Volunteering, participating in and contributing to community-building activities and projects, locally, regionally, nationally and/or internationally
  • Taking environmental and social responsibility to make your learning or work environments, community and the world better
  • Recognizing the political, environmental, economic and social realities of living in a global world
  • Engaging with diverse cultures, places, experiences and people to learn about the world
  • Using a global perspective to create opportunities and address challenges

Alex has had a fascinating career, working for the past 15 years on not-for-profit community development projects throughout the Atlantic region and also internationally. Recently, Alex was approached by one of the big multinational oil companies to lead a new team focused on social responsibility and environmental impact. This was especially surprising, as Alex has been very vocal about the potential for environmental disasters as a result of off-shore drilling. Two exciting things about the project would be the global reach and leading an international team. However, Alex wonders whether there is enough fit with the organization’s values. Is this role a logical next career move, an opportunity to have a positive influence in a new way – or a distraction from the work that Alex is really meant to do?