Entrepreneurial mindset: TESTIMONIAL

Embrace the qualities of an entrepreneurial mindset in learning, work and life.

You can demonstrate your entrepreneurial mindset through:

  • Recognizing that an entrepreneurial mindset involves embracing change, being resilient and demonstrating grit
  • Finding ways to incorporate an entrepreneurial mindset into your learning, work and life
  • Taking calculated risks, validating ideas and accepting constructive feedback
  • Reflecting on, and learning from, successes, mistakes and failures

Khalid was self-employed and ran small businesses for 15 years, starting as a teenager. As his family grows, however, Khalid wants more time at home. He sells one of his businesses, a profitable catering company, and mentors a talented employee in his social media company to take on a more active leadership role. Khalid is offered an enticing position in a start-up company, where his entrepreneurial mindset and expertise will be highly valued. Although he enjoyed juggling multiple gigs over the years, he’s keen to focus on this one position at this stage of his career. Khalid begins referring consulting offers to other colleagues, keeping doors open in case he decides to return to that work in the future.