Decision making: TESTIMONIAL

Make decisions, evaluate outcomes, be accountable for choices and reflect on how personal priorities, beliefs and culture influence decisions.

You can demonstrate your decision making through:

  • Examining how you make decisions
  • Understanding ethical considerations when making decisions
  • Recognizing the influence of personal qualities, culture and context in making informed career, life and educational decisions
  • Making an informed decision by evaluating ideas, solutions and opportunities
  • Taking responsibility for your actions and decisions
  • Reflecting on and refining your own decision-making process

Maddy knows from past experience that, when it is time to make a big decision, she prefers to gather lots of information and talk through her options with close friends and family members. After working for 10 years with her employer, Maddy is offered the chance to start up a branch location in a city that is 3 hours away. She feels honoured – but scared. A move right now would disrupt the life she has carefully constructed as a single mother. She has solid relationships in her co-op and her son is thriving at school. On the other hand, the promotion offers a significant salary increase and the new location has much more affordable housing.

Maddy discusses her concerns with her family, friends and employer. Her parents offer to help Maddy and her son during the transition, even renting a place near her in the new city for a couple of months if needed. Her employer offers to pay for a 2-day visit for Maddy to explore the new city, meet with a realtor and visit potential schools for her son. Her employer also assures Maddy that, after the first year of getting the new branch established, there would be a position available in her current location if she wanted to return.

After her visit to the city, Maddy carefully weighs her options and decides that they are ready for the new challenge and that the risks are reasonable. She agrees to accept the new role.