Critical thinking: TESTIMONIAL

Think clearly and rationally about what to do and what to believe.

You can demonstrate your critical thinking through:

  • Reflecting on your beliefs and values, and how they shape how you think and reason
  • Analyzing information to assess its credibility and accuracy
  • Understanding logical connections between ideas, information and arguments
  • Recognizing that various points of view may or may not be valid
  • Asking questions that clarify various points of view
  • Detecting inconsistencies and common mistakes in reasoning
  • Evaluating evidence, arguments, claims and beliefs
  • Drawing conclusions based on thorough analysis

Jonah has enjoyed working for the past 5 years with an organization that fits with his personal values and welcomes his ideas for innovation and improvement. A couple of months ago, he was assigned to a complex project that involved making sense of rules and regulations across several communications platforms, supervising the work of a new team and managing several clients with different perspectives and priorities. He quickly had to organize and make sense of a lot of technical information, assess the capacity of his team members and consider the conflicting views of clients. He realized that one team member who could not be counted on, and was jeopardizing the whole project, had to be let go. By creating some new protocols, he was able to build consensus among his clients and get his team on track to successfully completing the project.