Creativity and innovation: TESTIMONIAL

Actively engage in, and demonstrate openness to and respect for imaginative, creative and innovative approaches.

You can demonstrate your creativity and innovation through:

  • Understanding what it means to be creative and innovative
  • Using your imagination and curiosity to look for new ways to think, do things and tackle problems
  • Stretching beyond your comfort zone in imagining what’s possible
  • Persisting through challenges and learning from mistakes
  • Critically reflecting on and refining creative and innovative works and processes

As a Red Seal carpenter, Ivana can work right across Canada. Although she loves coming home to the Atlantic Provinces, her expertise in restoring heritage buildings has resulted in interesting projects from coast to coast. Ivana started her own business 5 years after she completed her apprenticeship. She has built an amazing team of creative people, including an architect, a designer and several carpenters. Ivana has found innovative solutions for building her business, including accessing funding for heritage projects, hiring apprentices and, on occasion, purchasing and renovating neglected heritage homes.