Understand, explain and demonstrate ethics and follow the expectations, rules and policies where you live, learn and/or work.

You can demonstrate your work ethic through:

  • Understanding what is meant by, and demonstrating, integrity
  • Being loyal, dependable and accountable so that others can count on you
  • Prioritizing commitments
  • Observing, supporting and modelling expected attitudes and behaviours
  • Meeting or exceeding reasonable expectations by doing the best you can in school, extracurricular activities, volunteering and work
  • Showing and taking initiative when appropriate
  • Respecting those with whom you live, learn and/or work
  • Demonstrating leadership skills

Kyle impressed the leaders of his community development internship. He can always be counted on to go above and beyond and seems to have an amazing ability to prioritize tasks, even when new ones were added to his to-do list every day. One of the things that Kyle’s supervisor most appreciates is his willingness to take initiative when he is left on his own. Kyle makes some mistakes, of course, but is always willing to be accountable for his decisions and to learn from his mistakes.

As his gap year is coming to an end, Kyle begins to think seriously about his next steps. He worked part-time in high school and full-time, as a shift supervisor, during the first 6 months of his gap year. His manager would really like him to return after his internship ends and yet he’d always pictured himself getting a degree.

Kyle decides to return to work full-time and enroll in an online program that has a flexible schedule that can accommodate work. He applies for scholarships through his employer; if he is able to get that help with tuition and book costs, he hopes to eventually graduate debt-free and with several years of supervisory work experience as well.