Technological fluency: TESTIMONIAL

Integrate and apply technologies to work with others, communicate, learn and solve problems; manage social media presence responsibly and safely.

You can demonstrate your technological fluency through:

  • Using technology in a respectful, legal, safe and ethical way
  • Accessing and critically evaluating online information and resources
  • Managing social media presence responsibly and safely
  • Creating a positive digital footprint, recognizing the permanence of online data
  • Recognizing the benefits, limitations and challenges of using technologies

Brooke is fascinated with changing technologies. She likes to be the first of her friends to upgrade her phone and is constantly trying out new apps and wearable technology. In high school, she’d become interested in how to manage your social media presence and had written a regular newsletter column. That spun off into several consulting gigs with small businesses in her community, bringing in enough income to cover most of her university tuition fees.

Brooke’s latest interest is “fake news” and how to combat it. She’s working on an international research team through her university and, together, they’ve made some exciting progress developing and piloting a fake news detection app. Brooke isn’t as interested in the policy pieces, although she recognizes that’s important too. What she likes best is to work on coding, understand the inner workings of algorithms, and create user-friendly tools and blog posts on how to navigate the increasingly complex online world.