Social awareness: TESTIMONIAL

Demonstrate interactions with others that show respect for, openness to and appreciation of diversity.

You can demonstrate your social awareness through:

  • Demonstrating acceptance of and respect for diverse ways of thinking and being
  • Showing understanding of, and empathy for, others
  • Understanding and valuing Indigenous traditions and knowledge, including the belief in the interconnectedness of everything
  • Understanding, valuing and taking pride in the contributions of diverse cultural, ethnic and linguistic groups, including your own, to Canada
  • Understanding how culture, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, ability, language, national origin, race, ethnicity and religion affect personal identity and influence lives and opportunities
  • Recognizing that privilege, prejudice and oppression are widespread and damaging
  • Promoting and demonstrating fairness, social justice, human rights, equity and respect for all

Samantha’s interest in social justice began early and, in college, has intensified. She remains interested in working on the Truth and Reconciliation Commission’s Calls to Action and, as a result, has dedicated several of her school projects to researching and sharing information about specific problems and solutions. Through coursework and volunteer opportunities, Sam has also taken a special interest in newcomers to her region, especially refugees.

One of her instructors really helped to bring the concept of privilege to life for her; those discussions gave Sam a framework for understanding some of the inequities that have bothered her since she was young. Sam is currently grappling between feeling guilty for her own privilege and recognizing the voice it gives her to promote social justice and human rights. Sam can see so many issues that need attention and is trying to focus her energy on problems that are within her sphere of influence.