Lifelong learning: TESTIMONIAL

Demonstrate the ability to be an independent learner, engaging in formal and informal learning to effectively navigate changes and transitions.

You can demonstrate your lifelong learning through:

  • Approaching every experience as a learning opportunity
  • Continuing to learn throughout your life
  • Learning from diverse people and developing cross-cultural and cross-generational understanding
  • Being open to feedback and seeing mistakes as opportunities for learning
  • Using effective strategies to support lifelong learning

Brandon’s family and friends weren’t surprised when he told them that he was planning to continue in school, even after finishing his master’s degree. Brandon had liked school since Kindergarten and, even on school breaks, was always reading a book or looking something up online.

Brandon really appreciates the idea of “two-eyed seeing” – a term introduced by a Mi’kmaq Elder to describe how to integrate Indigenous and Western world views and ways of knowing. He wants to extend the research from his master’s thesis on ways to care for the environment that were informed by both science and his ancestors’ long history of living in this region. He enjoys sharing what he learns with others; aside from working as a lab assistant at the university, Brandon facilitates weekend workshops and retreats for tourists visiting the region.