Entrepreneurial mindset: TESTIMONIAL

Embrace the qualities of an entrepreneurial mindset in learning, work and life.

You can demonstrate your entrepreneurial mindset through:

  • Recognizing that an entrepreneurial mindset involves embracing change, being resilient and demonstrating grit
  • Finding ways to incorporate an entrepreneurial mindset into your learning, work and life
  • Taking calculated risks, validating ideas and accepting constructive feedback
  • Reflecting on, and learning from, successes, mistakes and failures

Khalid’s first foray into business was having a stand at the weekend Farmer’s Market when he was still in high school. Profits from this, and other entrepreneurial projects, helped pay his college tuition. Khalid has decided that he really doesn’t want one full-time job when he graduates. He prefers having income from multiple sources and finds that having lots of variety in his work keeps him energized and constantly learning and growing. In one of his businesses, Khalid now supplies local restaurants with the baked goods that he also still sells at the Farmer’s Market. He works part-time for his uncle’s business, managing social media marketing there. He occasionally helps small businesses set up websites and their social media strategies. This work comes mostly from referrals but he sees potential in expanding this after graduation.