Decision making: TESTIMONIAL

Make decisions, evaluate outcomes, be accountable for choices and reflect on how personal priorities, beliefs and culture influence decisions.

You can demonstrate your decision making through:

  • Examining how you make decisions
  • Understanding ethical considerations when making decisions
  • Recognizing the influence of personal qualities, culture and context in making informed career, life and educational decisions
  • Making an informed decision by evaluating ideas, solutions and opportunities
  • Taking responsibility for your actions and decisions
  • Reflecting on and refining your own decision-making process

Maddy is in university on a soccer scholarship. She took general studies courses in the first couple of years but now needs to choose a major. As an athlete, Maddy is very used to working with coaches so it makes sense to her to access the career coaching offered by the university. The career coach helps Maddy brainstorm several possibilities that could fit with her personality, values and strengths. Then they work together to compare each of the options to the realities of Maddy’s busy training and game schedule. Maddy realizes that the options with work terms that overlap with soccer season aren’t a good fit right now, so she eliminates them. She narrows her list to three majors that really interest her and then asks her friends and family what they think. She also talks to students in each of the three programs and, with the help of her career coach, does some research about predicted job openings, salaries and working conditions. One of the majors stands out from the rest – everyone can see her doing that kind of work, it pays well and it seems like there is a growing need for graduates from that program.