Critical thinking: TESTIMONIAL

Think clearly and rationally about what to do and what to believe.

You can demonstrate your critical thinking through:

  • Reflecting on your beliefs and values, and how they shape how you think and reason
  • Analyzing information to assess its credibility and accuracy
  • Understanding logical connections between ideas, information and arguments
  • Recognizing that various points of view may or may not be valid
  • Asking questions that clarify various points of view
  • Detecting inconsistencies and common mistakes in reasoning
  • Evaluating evidence, arguments, claims and beliefs
  • Drawing conclusions based on thorough analysis

Jonah is working towards a business management diploma (with a marketing specialization) at his local community college. He has always been good at analyzing information but his courses are making him aware of how marketing strategies can have negative impacts, shaping buying behaviours without buyers ever knowing how they’ve been influenced. Jonah can see that marketing is a powerful tool and, on reflection, recognizes the disconnect between his personal values and some of the marketing strategies he is studying. He isn’t keen on using marketing to manipulate people or influence them to purchase beyond their means. Jonah decides to seek out opportunities with organizations that are committed to social responsibility as he wants his marketing expertise to contribute to positive changes.