Creativity and innovation: TESTIMONIAL

Actively engage in, and demonstrate openness to and respect for imaginative, creative and innovative approaches.

You can demonstrate your creativity and innovation through:

  • Understanding what it means to be creative and innovative
  • Using your imagination and curiosity to look for new ways to think, do things and tackle problems
  • Stretching beyond your comfort zone in imagining what’s possible
  • Persisting through challenges and learning from mistakes
  • Critically reflecting on and refining creative and innovative works and processes

Ivana is nearing the end of her carpentry apprenticeship. She has enjoyed most components of her program but her instructors and employers have all mentioned her special talent for home renovations, especially restoring heritage homes. Ivana always enjoyed history in school and likes how restoration work involves researching the types of materials and styles that fit with each project she is working on. Each new project brings problems to solve and Ivana thrives in the midst of unexpected challenges or “design flaws” when the architect’s renovation design doesn’t match the reality of how the house was originally constructed.