Collaboration: TESTIMONIAL

Embrace the benefits of working together, resolve conflicts, accept personal responsibility for your own behaviour and, respecting diversity, negotiate acceptable compromises and solutions.

You can demonstrate your collaboration through:

  • Interacting respectfully and purposefully with others, as part of a team/group in formal and informal environments
  • Clearly sharing your own beliefs and values while respecting and appreciating those that differ
  • Celebrating the benefits of working with others, recognizing the value of collaboration
  • Understanding and respecting others’ needs
  • Recognizing privilege and challenging discriminatory behaviour in self and others
  • Compromising in working towards common goals
  • Constructively negotiating and resolving conflicts with others, acknowledging and addressing biases
  • Being prepared to reassess your position based on new information and/or the input of others
  • Engaging in collaboration using a variety of media/tools

Tyler lives in residence at university. He grew up living with extended family and enjoys having lots of people around him. Tyler loved his experience in residence as a first year student and, as soon as he was eligible, he applied for the residence life coordinator training. He plans to stay in residence until he graduates.

One of the things that Tyler learned from living in a big family, and then in residence, is that people have very different expectations and ideas about how to live and work together. Although he tries to respect others’ needs, he has to admit that he doesn’t always understand them! When he became a residence life coordinator, Tyler introduced an experiential workshop that helps everyone on a residence floor to learn about each other. This activity is fun and energizing; however, what’s most important is that it has measurably reduced conflicts and contributed to a spirit of appreciation for individual differences.