Technological fluency: TESTIMONIAL

Integrate and apply technologies to work with others, communicate, learn and solve problems; manage social media presence responsibly and safely.

You can demonstrate your technological fluency through:

  • Using technology in a respectful, legal, safe and ethical way
  • Accessing and critically evaluating online information and resources
  • Managing social media presence responsibly and safely
  • Creating a positive digital footprint, recognizing the permanence of online data
  • Recognizing the benefits, limitations and challenges of using technologies

Brooke is a natural with anything to do with technology. Whenever friends or family members get a new phone, they ask her to set it up. The same is true for computers, printers . . . you name it. Recently, she helped a friend set up his Smart TV. Last weekend, her uncle hired her to plan and install a home theatre system.

Brooke also understands the Internet and how difficult it can be to get rid of information once it’s posted. She stumbles across a site where some of her friends have posted pictures that she is pretty sure they wouldn’t want their parents, teachers, elders or future employers to see!

Through research, she learns some techniques to “bury” undesirable information. She asks the editor of the school newsletter if she can write a weekly column with tips on how to create a positive presence online.