Lifelong learning: TESTIMONIAL

Demonstrate the ability to be an independent learner, engaging in formal and informal learning to effectively navigate changes and transitions.

You can demonstrate your lifelong learning through:

  • Approaching every experience as a learning opportunity
  • Continuing to learn throughout your life
  • Learning from diverse people and developing cross-cultural and cross-generational understanding
  • Being open to feedback and seeing mistakes as opportunities for learning
  • Using effective strategies to support lifelong learning

Brandon loves to be outdoors. He is fascinated with the trees, wildlife, fish, water, rocks and soil in his area. He reads everything he can about ecology and caring for the environment and, like many other people, is concerned about the impact of climate change, especially along the coastline.

One of Brandon’s grandfathers loved to share stories from his Mi’kmaq community. From his grandfather, Brandon learned things about the land and ocean that offered a very different perspective from what he learned in school or online.

Brandon had heard the term “two-eyed seeing” from a speaker at his school; he learned that a Mi’kmaq Elder used this term to describe a way to integrate Indigenous and Western world views and ways of knowing. This idea seemed to fit him perfectly, especially in terms of learning more about the environment. He realizes that he has much to learn from studying science and also from listening to his grandfather’s re-telling of stories passed on to him years before.