Entrepreneurial mindset: TESTIMONIAL

Embrace the qualities of an entrepreneurial mindset in learning, work and life.

You can demonstrate your entrepreneurial mindset through:

  • Recognizing that an entrepreneurial mindset involves embracing change, being resilient and demonstrating grit
  • Finding ways to incorporate an entrepreneurial mindset into your learning, work and life
  • Taking calculated risks, validating ideas and accepting constructive feedback
  • Reflecting on, and learning from, successes, mistakes and failures

Ever since he was a child, people have said that Khalid would do well in business. Recently, he decided to sell baked goods at the weekend Farmer’s Market, using his traditional family recipes. On the first weekend, his sales were disappointing. Rather than giving up, Khalid asks potential customers, other vendors at the market, friends at school and members of his family for ideas and feedback. He realizes that his pricing was too high, his packaging could be more appealing and the booth wasn’t attracting enough attention. He uses the feedback to adjust his approach and doubles sales on the second weekend.