Decision making: TESTIMONIAL

Make decisions, evaluate outcomes, be accountable for choices and reflect on how personal priorities, beliefs and culture influence decisions.

You can demonstrate your decision making through:

  • Examining how you make decisions
  • Understanding ethical considerations when making decisions
  • Recognizing the influence of personal qualities, culture and context in making informed career, life and educational decisions
  • Making an informed decision by evaluating ideas, solutions and opportunities
  • Taking responsibility for your actions and decisions
  • Reflecting on and refining your own decision-making process

Maddy has a big decision to make. She loves playing soccer and has the chance to move to the city to play on one of the top-ranked teams. She knows this has the potential to open up scholarship opportunities but also sees lots of down sides to the move. The move means she won’t graduate with her friends and, although she knows her team-mates will be proud of her, she feels like she’d be abandoning them; they’re all worried that the team won’t be as competitive once she’s gone. Deep down inside, she also knows that she’ll miss her family. One of her little brothers already has plans for taking over her room and she worries that she’ll have no place to come home to.

Maddy talks to her team-mates, best friends and her soccer coach. Although all of them say they’d miss her, they encourage her to go and promise to stay in touch. Finding out that one of her friends is moving to the same city with her family and might even be going to the same school seals her decision.

Her family has a pizza night to celebrate Maddy’s big move. When Maddy bursts into tears, her mom takes her aside. Maddy shares her concerns about never being able to move back home. Her mom assures her that there will always be a special place for her in their home and they talk together about converting the playroom they’ve all outgrown into a space that could become Maddy’s own room if she moved back permanently.

Maddy recognizes that, although her emotions were high, this is an amazing opportunity that could impact the rest of her life. She decides to move to the city, knowing that she can always come home if it doesn’t work out.