Creativity and innovation: TESTIMONIAL

Actively engage in, and demonstrate openness to and respect for imaginative, creative and innovative approaches.

You can demonstrate your creativity and innovation through:

  • Understanding what it means to be creative and innovative
  • Using your imagination and curiosity to look for new ways to think, do things and tackle problems
  • Stretching beyond your comfort zone in imagining what’s possible
  • Persisting through challenges and learning from mistakes
  • Critically reflecting on and refining creative and innovative works and processes

Ivana is the go-to person in the construction class whenever anybody gets stuck. She is always able to figure out a different way to design things, fit them together and make them work the way they should. She’s creative and resourceful about using surplus material and saving money on projects. She always works safely and isn’t afraid to make mistakes. In fact, some of her best projects started out as something completely different.

Ivana is an all-around great student, so has a lot of choice when it comes to post-secondary. She’s keen to complete an apprenticeship, become a Red Seal carpenter and then connect with others in trades to build her own carpentry business.