Communication: TESTIMONIAL

Demonstrate effective and positive communication and social skills.

You can demonstrate your communication through:

  • Recognizing non-verbal communication cues in yourself and others, including tone of voice, facial expressions, posture and use of hands
  • Respectfully considering the ideas, thoughts and feelings of others through listening, reading, and viewing
  • Knowing and asking for what you want in a reasonable and specific way
  • Clearly expressing your ideas, thoughts and feelings through speaking, listening, writing, reading, viewing and other ways of representing
  • Communicating clearly and confidently in public
  • Recognizing and respecting that there are many languages used in Canada
  • Continuously improving and refining English and/or French language skills
  • Communicating respectfully and effectively across linguistic and cultural differences
  • Recognizing the advantages of being multi-lingual, continuing to practice languages to stay fluent
  • Communicating using different forms of media
  • Tailoring communication, considering your purpose and audience
  • Recognizing that accepted terminology shifts over time

Yara has always been good at telling stories. As a child, her family loved to listen to her talk and asked her questions to keep the conversation going. When she learned to draw, she brought her ideas to life through pictures. As soon as she could print, she began to create little books.

As Yara got older, she became fascinated with different languages and cultures, especially her own. She realized that her community had stories to tell from their home country – and also about their experience of coming to Canada as refugees.

For one of her courses, Yara created a podcast of interviews with family members. Now she is working on an online photo book about their immigration experience; her grandparents have agreed to pay to print copies for everyone at their family reunion this summer. Yara has been interviewed on the radio about these projects and has agreed to speak at a community multicultural celebration, sharing what she has learned.