Collaboration: TESTIMONIAL

Embrace the benefits of working together, resolve conflicts, accept personal responsibility for your own behaviour and, respecting diversity, negotiate acceptable compromises and solutions.

You can demonstrate your collaboration through:

  • Interacting respectfully and purposefully with others, as part of a team/group in formal and informal environments
  • Clearly sharing your own beliefs and values while respecting and appreciating those that differ
  • Celebrating the benefits of working with others, recognizing the value of collaboration
  • Understanding and respecting others’ needs
  • Recognizing privilege and challenging discriminatory behaviour in self and others
  • Compromising in working towards common goals
  • Constructively negotiating and resolving conflicts with others, acknowledging and addressing biases
  • Being prepared to reassess your position based on new information and/or the input of others
  • Engaging in collaboration using a variety of media/tools

Tyler lives with his parents, grandparents and uncle. He loves having people around and especially enjoys working together to prepare for family events and celebrations. From his earliest memories he has known that it’s easier to do things if you can get others to help.

In school, Tyler is often the organizer on group projects. He helps his teams plan the work, divide it up according to their strengths and get it done. Tyler has become especially good at noticing when people don’t feel included or aren’t doing their share of the work. Although other team members get frustrated and sometimes want to ignore or remove group members who are contributing the least, Tyler seems to have a special talent for talking with them, working alongside them and finding a way to motivate them to do their best.